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Distinction Gardens embodies accommodation that feels at once like a private home and yet a place of sumptuous luxury.


About Us



    “Quiet and Serene Environment”

    Distinction Gardens is conveniently positioned in Siaya Town along the Siaya – Kisumu Road, hardly an hour drive from Kisumu International Airport. We are approximately 10 minute drive to Kogelo Village, the birth place of the 44th USA President Barrack Obama and Home of Mama Sarah Obama.



    To provide a cost effective service while maintaining quality of work and efficiency for customer satisfaction.


    To promote a quality focus approach in the hospitality business in Siaya and beyond.


    Personalized Customer Satisfaction.Positivity. Professionalism.Transparency.Responsibility



    “Luxury Home away from Home”

    Distinction Gardens embodies unpretentiously luxurious accommodation that feels at once as a private home where you can live like a king. With eleven discerningly furnished one-bedroom units, Distinction echoes a perfect destination for families or individuals, travelling for business or pleasure and offers great style, comfort and value.



    “Everything right where you need it”

    Our restaurant serves both Kenyan and international cuisine with kids menu. Our bar offers a variety of cocktail, wines and spirits from all over the world



    • Meeting Room
    • Mid-Morning Tea, Coffee and Biting
    • Lunch including a soft drink (water or soda)
    • Mid afternoon tea, coffee and biting
    • Two half litre bottles of water (one in the morning and one afternoon)
    • Dedicated banqueting organizer
    • Delegate note pad and pens
    • Mints on the tables
    • Flipchart paper and two felt pens (of different colors)
    • Overhead projector and screen
    • Wi-Fi access within the hotel standard bandwidth
    • Car Parking
    • P.A system

    Full day

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We are conveniently located in Siaya County along the Siaya-Kisumu Road, in a quiet and serene part of the Town. We are barely an hour from the Kisumu International Airport. Our accommodation is the best with fully furnished rooms with DSTV and Wi-Fi internet connection.

E-Mail: info@distinctiongardens.co.ke / Call: 0725 111 888

Siaya County along the Siaya-Kisumu Road | Near Karapul Primary School
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